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Strategically located with 1600 kms coastline, the longest among the maritime states of India, Gujarat is the nearest maritime outlet to Middle East, Africa and Europe with highest number of commercial cargo ports - See more at: http://www.gmbports.org/#sthash.790ueBnF.dpuf
Vast and fertile hinterland that accounts for 40% of the total Indian trade, Gujarat has excellent rail-road connectivity that is ideal for multi-modal transportation.
Traffic at ports under GMB increased from 309.9 MMTPA in 2013-14 to 336 MMTPA in 2014-15 & capacity of 422 MMT augmented during the year 2014-15, showing an annual growth of 7.6%.

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It is my heartiest pleasure to well come you all to GMB Polytechnic Rajula.
This is an unique polytechnic college of Gujarat located in west coast region of the Nation, where the coastal activities are making the nation proud in export of value added products in the different countries of the world. The activities on the port located in this region provides employment opportunities for the benefit of students society at large, and at the same time leads to change in the livelihood of the community of this area.
One of the main objectives of the polytechnic colleges is to provide the fundamental technical education in order to pave the way in fulfilling career aspiration of the student community who are at present do not have technical Diploma or Degree level education from the Bhavnagar to Amreli district of coastal area of Gujarat state covering about 300 km.